Thursday, September 15, 2011

In A Piñata Making Kinda Mood.

My younger brother's birthday was a few days ago. Ahhh 15! He's getting so old, it's crazy. I wasn't sure what to get him as a present. He really liked the piñata I made for a friend, so I decided to make one for him. Here are all the steps

Making a piñata from scratch is very time consuming. So I bought one that's already made from the store.

Next I painted some pants and a shirt.

This is one of his favorite T-shirts from one of his favorite bands.

I tried to paint a similar shirt. It was a little hard because the shirt itself is a little complicated...and painting on the surface of the actual piñata is a little hard. I think it's close enough.

He wears and has a lot of beanies. This one me and my sister got for him on a trip to SF.

I painted the top first.

Then I painted a few details.

After I painted everything on the piñata It was time to draw his face. I sketched his face on a piece of bristol paper. I drew it in with color pencil. I did it pretty quickly, took about 15 minutes. I'm not sure if i want to spend the time doing a detailed portrait of might look too creepy.

After that the only thing left to do is glue the face. This is the finish product. It looks a little creepy...just a little.

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