Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. Dylan.

So instead of trying to finish the paintings I have already started, I've been too busy starting new stencils. Spray paint is a medium I definitely want to improve on. I watched some documentaries about Mr. Dylan on netflix, so when I thought about what I should do a stencil of seemed a little obvious.

I bought a bunch of spray paints and fooled around with the backgrounds a bit. I tried using different techniques when I was painting the backgrounds. I also practiced doing some drips, before I sprayed the actual stencil.

I decided to do three different stencils, like the Prince stencil,
in three different background colors.

I really enjoy making stencils and using spray paint. I think I'm going to keep going and make more. I'm now sure who or what I'm going to make a stencil of next. Suggestions are welcomed. If you would like to purchase any of these, I have them up for sale on my Etsy page.
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