Monday, February 6, 2012

Now What?

The other day I found this drawing while cleaning my room.
I'm pretty sure I've posted a picture of it before, so it's nothing new.
Anyways, I'd forgotten all about it, so I decided to make it a little more

I cut the drawing off of the notepad it was onI sprayed the drawing with a fixative spray.

I matted the drawing on white mat board.
I tried black mat board at first, but white
made the drawing pop a little more.

I had this plain black frame, that was a little too plain.
I decided to spray paint it a bit. At first I thought about
spraying it a different solid color, but then I just decided
to do some light sprays of yellow around the frame.

I think the spots effect worked pretty well.

After that I sprayed the frame with a gloss
finish, and put everything together.

The finish product came out pretty sweet I think.
I've never really thought about selling prints of any of my work,
but I think this might be the first one. I'll think about it.

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