Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've Just Seen A Face...

So this weekend I spent much of my time drawing. I got some nifty new pens,
and couldn't really wait to use them. I knew I wanted to draw some portraits,
but I wasn't sure who I wanted to draw.

John Lennon was the first portrait I started. I didn't initially think I was going to do
the rest of the band members, but once I finished John's portrait I figured why not?

This is a close up of the drawing. I decided to try doing a drawing made out of scribbles again. It's hard to get a picture of the detail, but you can kinda get the picture.

Paul was the second one I did. After I finished the portrait,
how could I not do the other two.

I really like using this technique with pens.
The mistakes don't seem so big when I use it.

I liked how they all came out. I think it would be
cool to do draw other bands, maybe.

I definitely want to do more portraits in this style.

If you would like a similar drawing of a different band or
artist, send a message my way. We could work something out.

I put these portraits up for sale on my Etsy.
Check them out if you'd like.